the food & drinks

For us, it is crucial to have someone in the kitchen who knows beyond the ordinary how to cook and create taste experiences, but also how to consider the earth we live on. We create places where you enjoy and, in our world, you cannot enjoy without food.

We want you to try something new and be moved in terms of taste. The dinner experience  is structured in various parts with small dishes in each where you will get several different taste experiences. The creativity is playful and daring, but with local roots.


How do you make your day extraordinary? For starters you can have your lunch at a castle!

Have a look around in the beautiful castle and then sit down comfortably knowing that our 
talented chefs has combined this two course menu with the best ingredients that this season has to offer.

A reservation is required and you can book your table below or via e-mail to


Our dinner experience is an experience out of the ordinary. A journey in food of wine that has been specialty prepared based on our local suppliers and the season.

Our restaurant team will guide you though a journey of 5 servings made out of several small dishes per serving.

Much like the rest of the castle, be prepared for some playfulness!

afternoon tea

Treat yourself to an afternoon filled with sweat and savory treats, bubbles, and beautifuly made tea. A Aftenoon Tea The Norrmans way, playful, tasteful and out of the ordinary.

Book as an additional activety to your overnight stay or via the link below. An afternoon out of the ordinary to only 495,- per person. It is possible to book a table either at 12:00 or 13:00. 

If there are any allergies or food restictions, please contact us at so we can ensure you get the best possible experience.  

drinks & wine

We love good beverages just as much as we love our food, so much like everything else in the castle we have chosen a bit of an nontraditional approach.

Our drinks menu, both with and without alcohol, is not created for the food, but together with the food in order to find all the flavors.

We also shake up some delicious cocktails in our cozy bar area!


Looking for a place to host a business lunch or dinner a bit out of the ordinary? 

Both large and small groups are welcome at the castle and we are happy to assist finding just the right format for your company.

Get out of the office and get inspired by our universe. 


Looking for a gift that can be experienced and that can be enjoyed together? Our gift cards can be used both in the restaurant and on the full experience.

A gift that can be shared with someone you care for, or simply to enjoy a break form the everyday life. Go on a journey together and explore our universe.

curious about our kitchen?

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